Why Measure the Success of your SEO Efforts

Common sense dictates that in anything that you spend time and resources on should bring you a positive feedback. Just like in website and business owners who spend money on optimizing their websites so that their sites rank high in the different search engines’ results, they would want to know that they are getting a good return on their investments.

Search engine optimization efforts should project solid numbers to show website and business owners that their online marketing campaign is working, and that they are getting their money’s worth so they should continue to invest in SEO more. But how and where do you get these figures?

There are a number of ways to measure how successful your SEO efforts currently are. Aside from that, these ways will also let both the business owner and the SEO expert know whether the website’s search engine optimization campaign is working or not, and how well or how bad it is.

If you have not thought of measuring your SEO efforts, the following reasons will help enlighten you:

  • You need to measure you SEO efforts in order to justify the amount of financial resources that you have spent to your SEO team, your client, or to whoever holds you accountable for getting traffic for a certain website.
  • Measuring your SEO efforts will help make sure that the time and the money that you are spending for your SEO campaigns are actually working to your advantage.
  • By measuring how your SEO efforts are doing, you will be able to have a rough estimate for your next project’s SEO budget and costs.
  • You need to measure your SEO efforts in order to stay afloat and survive the stiff online marketing competition.

It will not be a drawback if you can accurately project some industry statistics and figures to your boss or to your clients. According to studies, a website’s traffic can increase by 73 percent in six months through effective website optimization – 73 percent at the very least, that is.

When you understand the average figures in the industry like how much the average website or business owner should spend on outsourcing SEO and what sort of profit one can expect for shelling out some dollars, you will be able to efficiently plan your online marketing strategies that will convince your clients and bosses to spend more on SEO campaigns.

Your goal as an online marketer is to lay out some useful yet concrete figures in a simple monthly report that will put together the entire concept behind your SEO efforts including the way keywords, search engines and search engine rankings affect the traffic that your website generates and how your conversion is going.

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