Which One’s Better Article Submission Service or Article Software?

Doing and managing an online business may not be easy to do. With so many things to do to make your sites well optimized, you may have to look for other strategies or utilize the help of other professionals to help you in your business.

Article submission can be one of these things that you may need additional help for. A lot of online businesses are in a dilemma whether to use article submission service or article software in their article SEO campaign.

Having an article submission service do the submission for you may be simple and you can just sit back. They can do everything for you and after submission to the different publishers, they will just give you a report on when and where your articles went.

These may sound good and give you all the advantages, since it was easier on your side and the back links will just follow afterwards. And the prices also are not so expensive.

With manual submission service if the articles encounter some problems with the publishers like rejection due to minor problems, people can correct this easily within their capabilities.

But there can also be disadvantages with the manual submission service. If you have lots of articles for submission each month for search engine optimization, this can turn out more expensive because of the recurring monthly expenses

Article submission software can make you submit articles faster and even if you have plenty of articles for submission you can do it with just a click. The only task that you have to do is load the articles and they’ll do the submission to the different publishers with you just sitting back and watching.

An advantage with using article submission software is its one time price can be reusable too. There are no limits to the number of articles you can submit with the software.

After you have done all submissions you can be sure that you have submitted to the best publishers in their best possible categories for good optimization of its contents. You can be sure of these because you did the submission yourself.

A disadvantage of using the article submission software is the time you have to devote in submitting your articles. You have to submit articles individually to the different publishers or risk your articles to go the bins if done simultaneously.

So the choice of doing the submission solely depends on you. If you want it for SEO purposes you may do it manually with the article submission service to give you more quality but if you want fast submissions you may opt to make use of the software article submission.

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