Using OnlyWire for Traffic Generation

It is every blogger’s dream to make his or her life more convenient, which is to streamline the way the sharing and the syndication process in the internet. Thanks to the new social bookmarking service called OnlyWire owned by the software company Sniptron, LLC, that dream is about to come true.

OnlyWire is the hottest social bookmarking tool that hundreds of bloggers and online marketers are starting to get fond with. If you are a member, OnlyWire will let you own or operate blogs and websites which will submit posts to a vast array of social networking sites thus generating additional exposure and potential traffic.

The best thing about OnlyWire is that it is the ultimate life saver – with just one click of a button, you will be able to submit pages to the program and the built in software will take care of the rest, particularly the submission to all of the social networking sites all at once. On top of that, this bookmarking tool also helps increase your website’s rankings which lets you build your status with search engines at a much faster pace than other methods previously used by bloggers and marketers.

OnlyWire Overview

Because the social networking sites became a sudden hit and became so popular within a very short time in the internet, online marketers realized that there is something they can do to make their jobs easier. That need was answered when OnlyWire came to being – it is a service that helps internet marketers use social networking sites more effectively in terms of bringing website traffic to their blogs, websites and even to their squeeze pages.

There are four major components in the OnlyWire program – first and the most important of all is the submission browser button, which you install as an add-on to your favorite browsers. When you are on the web pages that you want to submit to the different social networking sites, all you have to do is click that button and voila!

The next feature is the “Bookmark and Share” button, which you can put on your websites and blogs allowing your visitors to share your page on their social networking sites. This is one great way to promote your websites and blogs.

The third tool is another button that lets you automatically submit your blog or website to your social networking sites whenever you update them.

And the fourth and final feature is OnlyWire’s general account management tool inside the program that will let you keep track of everything that you are doing.

You can either have a free or a paid membership account at OnlyWire. Although both accounts have practically the same benefits, free members would need to place special codes on their websites and blogs in order to allow the program to advertise through them.

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