Using Article Marketing to Get Backlinks

Because it has been causing a loud buzz in the online marketing industry today, a lot of website owners are now aware of how important SEO techniques and other online marketing strategies are to the success of any business. But despite that still only a few know and understand the effective ways of getting a high rank in the search results, even when traffic quality and quantity depends on this.

When a particular internet user keys in a set of keywords, search engines and other online directories review thousands of pages and then every page that is relevant to the topic are displayed and offered for the user’s perusal. Consequently, the web pages with the highest search ranking are shown in the high spots not the first page exposing it to the user more than those that are given on the bottom of the page or in the succeeding pages.

Every amateur online marketer will ask the question, “How does a search engine, say Google, come up with such ranking positions? Does it make it up out of thin air?” The answer is no – but a little knowledge and following some tips will make your website rank among the high-rankers.

There are several important factors that will help you push your website up the search engine ranks for free. The first and the most obvious one is the placement and the frequency of targeted keywords that you include in the content of your website – where you place your keywords and the volume of keywords that you have in your content are highly significant to measure the relevance of your website copies for a particular keyword.

You have to be really careful with using and playing with keywords. The moment you put keywords on places where they should not appear just so you can get a high rank in Google will cause you more harm than good – this is called “spamming”, which is something that a lot of search engines ban certain websites for.

Another thing is to get backlinks to your website – backlinks are incoming links to your website from another website of the same niche as yours. You need backlinks in your website to push your ranks up because backlinks will serve as the number of “likes” that your website gets from other websites and the more “likes” that you get, the greater and the more substantial your website content implies.

While there are a number of ways to get backlinks from other websites, the best way to get backlinks is through article marketing. So every time you write an article, make sure to write something in the end that will link back to your site – this section is collectively known as a resource box.

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