Understanding Google Adwords Quality Scores

Most internet advertisers usually want to get the most benefits from their adwords campaign by getting the highest ranking at the lowest cost per click (CPC). It is therefore important to know the quality score of your adword campaign.

A high quality score of your keyword can be your key objective because it can give you better campaign performance. It can grant a higher position in the search results and the content network for that keyword at your given bid amount.

When setting up your adword campaign, Google will assign a quality score based on the relevancy of the ad to the keyword you are bidding on. They can see if the keyword is appearing on the landing page where you send the visitors to and from your ad, and they also see if the ad itself contains the keywords.

At the start of your ad campaign you can get the best quality score if you include the keywords in the headings, the URL, and much better if the keywords are included in the description of your ad. If your landing page is relevant with the keywords included they can expect a high quality score.

Visitors coming to your site expect to find products that they are searching for and if they don’t, they usually go away quickly and this is an expense. This can also decrease your quality score which is not good for the ad campaign.

Relevancy is really a big factor to get a good quality score. When you start the ad campaign with a high quality score, you can have the high position at a low cost per click and can give a higher click through rate.

Getting a high clickthrough rate can even provide you much higher quality score because it can be a measure of how relevant the ad is to your visitors. If visitors find real interest on these ads they will respond and make a click.

Once you can get a high click through rate and high quality score there is a higher probability of paying less per click and get even a higher position on the search results. This is giving more advantage in your ad campaign.

A higher ad position in the search results and the content network can deliver a good campaign performance. Consequently, you may only need a lower minimum bid amount for the keywords that can be used in your adword campaign.

Ads with low quality scores may need a higher bid amount for keywords to be displayed. This will not do well especially if there is a limited budget for your ad campaign.

To do the adwords campaign, therefore there is a need to have a high quality score. And doing these is easy especially if you have relevancy in mind.

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