Traffic Generation Strategies- Make Money Online through Article Marketing

Nowadays, article marketing is one of the most popularly used traffic generation strategies. This is the most effective marketing method used because search engines in the Internet as well as the different online directories are easy to use to submit articles too.

Prior to the Internet days, advertisement of products or services could be done through relevant offline publications. However, in the age of the Internet more people are using the search engines for them to find relevant information to educate them and on giving solutions to their problems.

In marketing articles, it is important to use the so-called “soft sell” marketing writing style in order to increase interactivity. Authors are more interested in making sales.

Here are the tips on how to write article content in the “soft sell” marketing style.

*Identify advice or information which is useful to your target readers and at the same time relevant to the products or services offered.

*Place your main target keywords or keyword phrases in the title since it is that you can grab attention from your readers.

*In the interest provoking description, place your main and related target keywords or keyword phrases therein.

*Main and related targeted keywords must be placed once for each 120-word block in 2/3 of the article body. These keywords or keyword phrases must be rich in relevant content and beneficial to the targeted readers.

*In the 1/3 of the article body, the main and related targeted keywords must provoke curiosity for more beneficial and relevant contents.

*Main and related target keywords must be placed in an effective call to action bio box as anchor links pointing to your website and with more new relevant advice or information.

Articles must be keyword optimized and must be published in the various top article directories as well as their syndicated content publishers. The purpose of this is to have high rankings in the search engines for its keywords or keyword phrases. This is the primary function as well as the domain authority of the different article directories. With this, more people will be more interested with the topics covered by the keywords. Also, if fhe articles are syndicated by many members of the content publishers of the various article directories, then there is a wider exposure and more target traffic to the site of the author.

Developing article content is not to do. Just write content specifically to cater to your readers. You have to figure out all the things you know about the topic and write it in a format that is easy for your reader to understand as well as informative for the reader.

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