Traffic Generation Strategies- How to Generate More Traffic to Your Website

Generating more traffic to your website is very important for page rankings in Google. There are different killer traffic generation strategies which are necessary for generating highly targeted traffic to websites, squeeze pages and landing pages.

The following are very useful killer traffic generation strategies.:

First is to find out the targeted keywords or keyword phrases. See to it that these are the keywords or keyword phrases used by your potential prospects for you to incorporate these in your content as well as marketing campaigns.

Choose those keywords or keyword phrases with less competition so that you can reach out to your targeted market and generate targeted traffic to your website with less costs.

Second is to consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With this, you can easily optimize every single webpage instead of the index page. For ranking purposes, individual pages are important rather than the entire website. To obtain high page rank within the search engine, you have to focus on both the “on-site SEO” and the “off-site SEO.” Using the “on-site SEO,” you can optimize every page in your website, from the title tag, the keywords or keyword phrases used in the contents, the site maps or overall structure of your website. Using the “off-site SEO,” you can give focus on building back links to your site coming from relevant authority sites.

Structural elements must be considered such as the title tags, meta keyword tags, meta description tags and the implementation of the site map so that your website so that it can be easily explored.

Third is to use the off-site Search Engine Optimization for the purpose of building quality back links to your website. The most popular methods are the online directories and social bookmarking. It is necessary to add your website into specific categories in online directories and build back links to your website. Also, you can generate more traffic to your website by submitting your website URL into the popular bookmarking sites.

Fourth is to use a Pay–Per-Click (PPC) campaign. To get more traffic within your budget, you have to use a mix PPC engines in your traffic campaigns. Use both the large and small networks in order to generate more traffic to your website within your budget. It is highly recommended to choose Google as the big players and as one of the small players.

Build campaigns with targeted keywords or keyword phrases for your niche with an action driven ad copy, titles and body text assigned to each ad block. You can start with 10-30 keywords and add keywords gradually to see the progress of your PPC marketing. To determine the ads that produce best results, you have to create split test campaigns.

Fifth is to do social marketing using Squidoo and HubPages. In, you have to create lenses for you to rank for specific keywords within the page’s title as well as the contents. In, you have to create add-ons and tags on the pages to have a better ranking in the search engine.

Sixth is to do article marketing for the purpose of generating traffic through the back links from authority websites. To make the articles more appealing to the audience, articles must be 300 to 600 words in length. It is also necessary to focus more on the quality contents. Then, submit as many articles as possible to have more exposure and to drive more traffic to your website.

Lastly you should do forum marketing. It is necessary to participate regularly in forums as well as community boards. Communicate with your target audience to create back links to your website.

With these killer traffic generation strategies, you can maintain your Page rank and with less effort maximize your outreach.

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