Tips on How to Make Money Online through Article Marketing

Article marketing is the method used by online entrepreneurs to promote their online business, generate more traffic to their website as well as increase the sales of products and services to generate more online earnings. Targeted website traffic is so easy through article marketing even if the budget is so low.

It is just writing articles and submitting them to the different article directory sites, blog sites, social bookmarking sites and social networking sites. Here are some tips on how to do this effectively.

First is to do keyword research.

Good keyword density for a search engine ranking is necessary to feel the presence of the articles. Articles must contain keywords or keyword phrases. The best way to get targeted keywords is with the use of Google adwords keyword tool. It is necessary to pick keywords with low competition but with high search volume. It is essential to search in Google to find the results of the keywords.

Second is through having good content in your articles.

Articles must be entertaining and informative. Readers normally read the articles that suit their needs. Articles must be grammatically correct with correct spelling. It is easy to earn credibility online. Just do some research about your article topic or niche and then write down your ideas.

A readable and enjoyable article must be with short paragraphs. Long paragraphs can cause confusion and will be too much work to read. Each point must be stressed. Usage of numbers or bullets can make your points easy to digest.

Articles must also have attention grabbing titles. This will induce the readers to read your article till the resource box wherein they can click on the links. Figures can be utilized to make your articles authoritative.

Third is to make the resource box work for you.

The resource box is normally found at the end of the articles and it contains the name of the author, a very short description of the sponsoring site and a link to the website. To demand the attention as well as the interest of the readers, the resource box must be eye catching. The resource box must be creative in order to give aid in generating traffic to your website. Show that you gave great deal to offer and this will be a great way to grab your reader’s attention.

It is easy to monetize your articles through article marketing. Just build relationships with your readers who can click through your site. Find out their needs and offer them your help either by coaching them, by teaching them skills or by selling them access to your knowledge. Readers will pay you money in exchange of your help or expertise.

The bottom line here is you are selling something valuable or offering something to answer the needs of the readers.

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