Tips on Creating a High Traffic Website

As what I would always say, content is the clincher on the success of article online marketing because even if you have the right tools and the best chosen and well-placed keywords, if the body of your article does not have informative content and is just a runaround on things that the reader already knows, yes your site will be visited and your article read but the traffic flow will not be sustained in the end. People will always come back to a site with good, well-written content and what’s more, they become your unpaid advertisers with their very powerful word of mouth advertising scheme.

As was already mentioned, content rich articles will keep the readers coming back and this occurrence will improve your page rank and increases your chances of getting page hits when people start searching using the search engines. It also pays to attach active contents such as a discussion board to attract returnees to your website.

After being able to write a niche article, one that may install you as an expert (and that is the reason you have to write an article that is familiar to you and not only because that topic is the current trend), the next logical thing that you have to focus on are the keywords. Determine what keywords are normally used by people searching on the search engines by using the tools available on the internet (whether you want the paid ones or the free ones) and then make sure that you put the keywords strategically, one on the title, one at the onset of the article and one on the final sentence.

Do not overuse the keywords because it will kill the quality of your article and it may turn off your readers. People know if they are being given a rehashed item.

Links are a very vital cog in your effort to rank on the search engine front pages and being on top of the ranking is of utmost importance since it increases your website traffic for obvious reasons. And again, to have good links, you have to have an educational and edifying article so that others would be enticed to link up with you and when you have a lot of quality links, then rest assured your page rank will greatly increase.

And by all means avoid activities that will get you sanctioned or even banned from the very powerful search engines like submitting duplicate content on many available websites, submission of your site to the search engines more than once in three months, making web pages with hidden content which tries to fool the search engines into thinking that the site is popular, and linking from one site to another especially if both sites have the same IP address.

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