Tips in Writing SEO Articles for Website Promotion

As we always say, nothing beats a well-written and informative article to promote a website because it makes you an expert of sorts, earns you many admirers and believers, gives the trust of many which is what you really need to be able to convince people, and it also brings to focus the items or services that you offer. A little training and skill here and there on the proper choice of keywords and its appropriate placement in the content may yet be the map that will show you your treasure trove.

To determine the most appropriate keywords to be used on your articles, you can use the many free tools available on the internet especially if you have a tight budget and cannot afford to use the paid ones like Wordtracker. There are a lot of very comprehensive keyword search tools that can work sometimes at par with the paid ones.

If you already have an article which you already think is worth publishing, then the next thing to do is to know the better article directories to submit it to. If you have submitted a good article with informative content, with the millions of readers looking on article directories daily, your article will definitely get the exposure that it needs.

Do not forget to create a back link to your website when you submit your articles otherwise your efforts would have been for naught. This method is called article marketing and this is what has made many earn a lot online.

In writing articles, you always have to bear in mind that you are providing helpful information to the reader, not the advantages of a particular product or service. Remember that the people are reading articles to learn, not to buy (not just yet) so you have to win their trust first by informing them of an issue and the way to solve the said issue, not sell them a specific product already.

An article should be the embodiment of things that you know about, things that are related to what you are selling but not specifically endorsing your products. If written that way, you become known as an expert on that exact field and they would believe the next endorsements that you will make which is the ultimate goal of article marketing – win their trust and everything flows.

For instance, if you are selling baking equipments, the ideal topic of articles that you should write about are all about cakes, bread, and pastries because that is your field of expertise and your margin for error is very tiny. And if you write with authority, you will impress your readers and they may want to know more and the clicking starts.

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