Tips for Maximizing Your Placement for Google AdWords

The idea of being at the right place at the right time proves to be beneficial even for Google AdWords. So what can you do to maximize your Google AdWords placement? Read on to find out about the things that you might want to revise or apply so that you can profit more from Google AdWords.

Tip #1 – Apply Conversion Tracking. This is the best way to go if you want to measure KPI or key performance indicators on Google. Do not limit yourself to this, however. There are other non-Google options for tracking also. Once you have established conversion tracking, it will greatly help you in whatever decisions you have to make in the long run. As the saying goes, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

Tip #2 – Do not combine your search campaigns and content campaigns. The reason for this is because when you separate the two campaigns, you can create keywords lists that are particular for content placements. It is better to use broad matching and use keywords in smaller groups.

Tip # 3 – Put limits via campaign budget. By setting limits, you will get to save Remember to set a campaign budget so that you will not be wasting any money. It is very easy to lose money in just a few hours if you will not be careful.

Tip #4 – Use CPC or Cost Per Click. When bidding for campaigns, it is recommended that for content bids it should be lower or just about half of what you are bidding for search bids

Tip #5 – Use aggression. With your budget in mind, being aggressive will allow you to demonstrate to Google’s algorithms the performance of your ads.

Tip #6 – Concentrate on clicks first. It means you need to auction your CTR or click-through rate ads which are the highest, and you also need to get high CPM or cost per thousand impressions which are effective.

Tip #7 – Experiment with Frequency Capping. This is part of the Doubleclick acquisition. What it does is it limits the highest number of times at a certain duration that your ad can be displayed to viewers. This is advantageous when you have bought ads on the basis of CPM or cost per thousand impressions.

Tip #8 – Research is key. When you find out what the most effective keywords are and which sites get high ranks, you can greatly increase the success of your search or content campaigns.

Tip # 9 – Utilize Placement Performance Report. This will allow you to view the historical performance of sites as well as information regarding conversion rates.

Tip #10 – Bid to performance. You can do this by making use of ad scheduling features.

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