The Right Time to Use Google Content Network

Just like any tool, the Google Content Network will work to its full potential in making you realize what you set out to do and that is get the best results from your ad campaign if the tool is used and managed properly. And after we have gone through great details on how to get the most out of the Content Network tools, let us tackle the nitty-gritty of how it works and its power in generating awesome results so that you get a clearer view of the nooks and crannies of this amazing program.

One of the remarkable benefits of using the Google Content Network is that it uses “perfect” as one of its arsenals and we all know that in every battle, even if you are outnumbered and undermanned, timing may spell success. And since people get to the Content Network without using a search query, the state your ad is in puts you in huge advantage over ads on the search network and let me explain how.

The Search Network offers ranked results and great results at that because the ads that will automatically show after the user puts in a keyword query and the ads that will show have been prepared long before the click occurs, which means the searcher is really on the lookout for your product or service. In this regard, the big difference between a Search Network searcher and a Content Network reader is intent.

The Search Network user is openly looking for your service or product and the Content Network browser is reading and viewing subject matter pertinent and closely connected to your products but is not specifically on the lookout YET. Nonetheless, it does not necessarily mean that if they are not purposely seeking your product that they are not interested.

For instance, if the items or services you are selling are things that are closely connected with children’s parties such as balloons, party hats, clowns, party chairs and tables, cakes, and whatever every kid party has to have, the Content Network shows you the many websites affiliated with it containing articles that fit the Children’s Party category. And when people go to Children’s party article sites, they are not specifically looking for your services but they are in the Children’s Party frame of mind which makes them ripe for the picking with your Children’s Party ad.

Relevance and perfect timing is what the Content Network provides and what Search Network cannot since it positions your ads next to content that are correlated with what you are marketing and when a user spends time reading, then you have a very powerful (probably moving) tool in your hands. Nevertheless, your ads need to be managed properly to be able to be at that right “moment of relevance” with a possible buyer.

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