The In’s and Out’s of WordPress SEO

When it comes to a powerful online marketing tool, WordPress perhaps is one of the top five sites. You can use WordPress to create a blog for your online business or create a site to promote your product itself.

The great thing about WordPress is that you create either of these two within minutes even when you do not have any background in making websites or coding HTML. In fact, the success of your WordPress blog or website does not depend on how advanced your website is coded or how entertaining the graphics are – the key to a successful WordPress blog or website is your SEO strategies in promoting your blogs.

Here are some tips on how you can use WordPress for marketing your blog or website online and how to apply SEO strategies for your online marketing campaigns.

  • Titles

When you create an account at WordPress, you will have the option to key in the date and a name, which will place the year, month and the date of a particular entry as well as the post title in your URL. In order to make sure that search engine web crawlers notice your website, it is best to have the name of your website appear in front of this URL – instead of using the regular URL that you use, take advantage of the option to make a personalized URL and create a link that has the name of your site appearing first.

  • Permalinks

One of the things that you need to make sure of is for your WordPress site’s permalinks. When you sign up and create a WordPress blog or website, your WordPress software will contain wed URLs composed of question marks and numbers by default, and these links are very difficult for search engine spiders to crawl and attach themselves into.

When search engine spiders cannot detect and index your WordPress blog or website, most likely your website will not be pushed towards the top search results. To address this problem, WordPress however provides a chance for you to create a custom URL for both your permalinks and for your archives.

You can tweak your URL in the option provided under your Administration panel. Simply choose the options panel then lick on the permalinks tab.

  • Tags

From an SEO’s point of view, tags are one of the major contributors to your online marketing campaign’s success. Tags will help the spiders of the different search engines to crawl through your site more easily and conveniently.

On top of that, tags will also let you create a particular page for every tag and keywords. Make use of the right tags and keywords and you will be surprised to see your website driving highly targeted traffic more than ever.

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