Some Myths and Facts About Article Marketing

With all the hype that is being said about article marketing, it is no longer surprising to see many writers and business people getting involved in this endeavor. It is indeed true that article marketing has provided many businesses with the opportunity to increasing revenues and this has just encouraged more online marketers to include this in their array of tactics.

What makes article marketing click well with internet users is that it does not try to persuade them to buy a certain product in a very brazen manner. In fact, many would hardly find the subliminal message of the write ups.

The articles are mostly informative, providing people with rich content about almost anything which is usually the reason why they go online. Due to its non-sales nature, people would find the articles interesting and convincing.

However, it is important for both the writers and online marketers to learn about the truths and myths of article marketing. Oftentimes, this marketing effort has been drummed up almost in an exaggerated manner, making the marketer expect more than what it could really effect.

One myth that has been mistaken by many as the truth is that in article marketing a write-up must first appear in the website of the marketer first so that search engine spiders will get to recognize it. The fact, however, is that this is not article marketing but simply putting more content to an own website.

In article marketing, the write-ups are actually submitted to other websites. This makes the marketer’s presence attain a larger scope.

The myth that was first busted though, although some skeptics still holds on to it, is that article marketing does not provide significant benefits for the online marketer. The truth, which has been proven many times, is that it does make the marketer and his product more popular, creating for him opportunities in sales.

Another myth is regarding the distribution of the articles in different sites, which according to some would be regarded by the search engines as duplicate content. However, if this is true, then people would never be able to read blogs that have been re-posted in many other sites, making even the top media networks liable for violations.

Obviously this is a myth that could be easily dismissed because it is already common for people to re-post articles from other sources in their own websites or blogs. If the search engines would really run after those that have been considered as duplicate content, so many web pages would be removed from the internet.

As article marketing develops though, the myths that surround it and that make it less palatable to online marketers would all be shattered. When this time comes, it would be considered already as a legitimate business science.

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