SEO: What Makes Link Building Tricky

Obtaining quality links is essential for business owners and website owners alike. But the very core of link building lies on the fact that one must know what he or she is doing because there are so many techniques and strategies to be employed when building links that involve submitting to directories, exchanging links, submitting bookmarks, blogging, and posting to forums.

Two things can result from link building – either you become popular or get banned by search engines. That is why it’s very important to know what you are doing when you are doing a link building campaign. Previously, it was so much easier to work on link building campaigns since the idea was just to get as many back links as you can. However, when search engines changed algorithms, things started to get more complicated. Sure you can still employ those old tactics for easy money, but if it is quality link building you are after as well as getting more clients, then perhaps you might want to steer clear from performing these SEO activities.

Submitting websites to directories or subsites to directories is what business owners and webmasters want. More often that not, as soon as a client submits a project to an SEO expert, websites and competitors need to be checked out then a subsequent search for back links and obtaining a ranking ensues.

On the flip side, many back links these days come from FFA websites or link farms that are not even related to a particular niche. When this happens, a website could lose its rankings because of submissions to irrelevant sites. As the saying goes, “Haste makes waste.” So it is better to take the long road to building good quality links than rushing to get quick results. In the end, it will only hurt an SEO business because you are doing it wrong. Keep in mind that an SEO reputation is very important.

Make sure that each back link made when link building is appropriate because the number of back links will not matter if they do not belong on that particular niche. Search engines are getting more intelligent as the days progress and as algorithms change.

It is wise to keep an eye on your competitors and where back links are coming from and be wary of those that are from FFA websites, link farms, or badly reputed websites. Also try not to do a mass link exchange since it could get you flagged as a spammer. This specific strategy no longer works like it did back then.

What you need to do is just keep your link building natural and go for article writing with good quality content for viewers and search engines.

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