SEO Update: What Are Search Engine Optimizers?

Most of the time, we are on the other side of the online marketing fence, the prospective customers being baited and enticed and lured into reading and reading some more and clicking and being convinced and eventually picking out a credit card or a debit card or dialing the cellular phone and ordering a product or a service. But some of us have had the opportunity of crossing the fence line and joining the many who try (and some succeed, though others fail) their luck in influencing people to see what they have to sell and eventually purchase just like all of us.

And to those who made that fateful crossover, the term SEO or search engine optimizer, has now been made clear as the most essential platform of success in the online marketing industry. You may remember on so many occasions when you were so interested on a particular topic or item on the internet and in order to locate the sites having some type of connection with your point of interest, all one has to do is open a search engine, write a keyword or keywords that pertain to what you are looking for (not necessarily the name of the item itself but other words in connection with it may also work) and out comes a new page with a list of the sites that tackle at some point the item that you are searching for.

And you may have noticed that it was very rare that you reach the third page on the search list and at some point you may have noticed how lucky the sites that are listed on the first page are since people get to open them first and if they get what they want, they will not bother to open the other sites anymore. Well, those who are on the other side trying to sell you realize how very important it is to be on the first page, much more on top of that search engine list, to be successful in this line of business.

And there are many methods to be applied in order to land on top of the search engine list and these methods are called SEO or search engine optimizers. Search engine optimizers study the methods being applied by search engines in their page ranking of websites and they try to employ different processes to put your website on the top of the search engine list so that you get clicked more and statistically, the more visitors you get, the better the chance of you selling.

The basic aim of search engine optimizers is to make you very visible to gain more website traffic (just like the regular physical stores, if there is no foot traffic, chances are sales is low). Search engine optimizers concoct different types of strategies in order to determine what people are really looking for, the keywords that they normally use, and all the other facets that may contribute to the increase of web traffic.

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