SEO Keyword Research for Video Marketing

One of the many advantages of advertising online is that you can utilize so many applications and use it as your platform in your advertising strategy and the options available are way cheaper than the physical traditional advertisements like print media and billboards. One of the many options that we have on online advertising is video search engine optimizer or video SEO.

In the past years, the billboard was the king of the skyline, bombarding us interesting and diverse ads and the idea is quite challenging since one has to think of an image that captures the whole essence of the message that you want to put across. And then came the video and some of the billboards have been replaced with massive LED and LCD screens that shows full-length advertisements.

Online, video advertising is on a steady rise and there is no sign that this ascent will reverse, even plateau at any point since the idea will only boomerang and put us back on the uneventful single photo banner ads. Even banner ads are designed with Flash to eliminate boredom and to entice browsers to view them more.

There are so many ways to record, tag, and post videos on the net and in fact there are a lot of articles discussing video tips, video news, tricks, and video opinions. But considering that in the end, we all go back to where we started, let us all go back on the last reel and review the fundamentals of search engine optimization and what it really is all about.

One of the signs that video advertising is on a dramatic rise is YouTube reaching a billion views in a single day every day and after just eight months the traffic increased to two billion. This just goes to show that people want to watch, not only hear.

Going back to the nitty-gritty of search engine optimization, whatever your ad platform is, whether an article or a banner ad or a video ad, you always take into consideration the proper keywords to be used because the way of searching has not changed and unless something new is invented(doubtfully), people try to locate stuff by using keywords. So it does not matter how sophisticated your video is or how informative it is, if you do not have the correct keywords placed in it, then your video is just going to stay as it is, a video – not a video ad.

The right keyword as opposed to the improper one can actually spell huge amounts of money lost or earned so it is up to you if you want to dilly dally on the keyword aspect of your video SEO. What you may think is the right keyword which is based on your personal judgment may not be what the majority is using to search.

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