Organic Search Engine Marketing

For those who have a very limited budget but would still want to join the fray of online marketing, the organic search engine marketing is a great alternative. The organic search engine marketing provides those who want to place their advertisements with the possibility of being ahead of the competitors on the search engine ranking without paying an extra buck.

There are online search engine marketing companies who have devised methods using organic search engine optimization techniques that are so effective they produce more traffic than the pay per click program. It just goes to show that if you have the proper ads and the correct strategies backing it, expense need not be that high to be placed on top of the ranks and eventually generate traffic enough to boost sales.

Organic search engine optimization has more benefits than you might have ever imagined since many of us have this belief that paid things work better than free ones. Well, that belief is not so accurate in a lot of things including online traffic generation.

Based on current internet statistics, those that visit organic sites amount to seventy percent of those who search using popular search engines and this occurs on a daily basis. And to top this, according to a popular study, half of those who search using search engines use the top ranked on the organic list.

But that is not all, you may be surprised to know that a measly twenty percent of all search engine users ever click on the pay-per-click results and the other eighty percent never actually wants to click on it. Three fourths of search engine users like to use the organic list better because they feel they are more relevant than the paid ones and in ratio terms, the organic listing gets three times more conversions than the paid advertising sites.

Many are now backtracking and going back to organic advertising or displaying advertisements the natural way, opposite of what paid advertising is. This is due to the fact that more and more search engine users turn to organic search engine lists than the paid ones.

With the cost of online advertisements going through the roof, not including a bidding war on the top spot on sponsored links, the online advertising industry has now become very similar to ad placements outside the internet realm where only huge multinationals can place bigger ads and get better ad spaces. Organic search engine optimization even up the ad field because it eliminates the involvement of cost in the determination of ranking.

It is all fair play with organic search engine optimization because much is placed on relevancy and importance of the ad body. And the good thing about it is that it really works.

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