Lead Generation Techniques for Site Traffic Generation

Every online business needs to have a consistent flow of leads in order to increase their sales. Some of the commonly used methods in finding potential customers are online and offline networking, implementing a PPC (pay per click) campaign, having a good referral program and so on.

However, part of being an effective online marketer is to be creative and to try new and different means of getting the outcome that you desire. You need to consider other lead generation techniques that will help you tap into your creative side, which can greatly help you get new and even unexpected sales leads.

  • Your marketing niche is your first priority

Every business is different, which means that one is based on different principles and each business offers a unique type of service that sets it apart from its competition. Use the unique qualities of your product or service to come up with creative lead generation strategies.

Say for example your website is about selling make-ups. The first thing that any online marketer would do is to penetrate the social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace to reach your target audience.

However, you can always take things a notch higher – you can try searching for fan pages or groups that are highly related to what you are offering, like a fan page for a cosmetic company. The members in that page are already interested in talking about make-up and perhaps are already sharing tips about beautifying one’s self, and learning about your products and what you can offer will definitely be interesting.

You can also try arranging a mutual agreement with a website that offers free make-up video tutorials online. Offer to exchange ad space or at least links and capitalize on the website’s most avid viewers by promoting a special offer like freebies.

Say for example you belong to an accounting firm and prides your company as eco-friendly. It is not enough if you just look for B2B leads in the usual places, go the extra mile and add your site to directories of green businesses, sponsor an event or a contest involving green initiatives, or partner with other organizations that share the same principles as your firm and come up with something that will attract consumers.

  • Have an affiliate program

Instead of just making money from being an affiliate marketer, why not start offering your own affiliate program? This is one of the best ways to generate new leads – your marketing affiliates are rewarded every time they find new customers, and you also benefit in the process when the leads come in from your affiliates.

These are just two of the possible lead generation techniques that you can use to promote your website. There are several else out there, you just have to be a little creative.

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