How to Use Google Content Network

While promising a lot of benefits for any online business, the Google Content Network can be a real enigma to the unfamiliar. In fact, even most of the wisest SEO gurus still find it quite intriguing on what exactly is going on inside Google’s Content Network.

For example, it is possible that you run an ad campaign at Content Network and then realize after a week that it has been a total flop but when you check all the possible sources of errors – the ad itself, the sites you target, and the CTR – were practically untouched. It is possible that at first, Google seemed to be testing every content campaign and gives it initial impressions and then later on, the performance of every ad campaign are bid price are compared to the competition hence determining whether the ad campaign should still be running or not.

But in order for a website owner or an online marketer to really get the hang on Google Content Network, one must first understand the mind set of Google’s Content Network. You see, the Content Network inside of Google AdWords can be comparable to the advertisers’ side of the AdSense network for website publishers.

When you create an advertising campaign using Google AdWords, you have the freedom to choose whether you want to run the ad on the Search Network only, in Content Network only, or both. However, most AdWords users already know that it is a bad idea to run the same ad campaign in both advertising forms (because it leads to confusion) and instead, it is better to separate the two right from the start into two separate campaigns.

You need to separate an ad campaign intended for Search Network from an ad campaign intended to run on Content Network because for one, a particular user on Google’s Search Network is actively looking for something while the user browsing in Content Network can be considered as looking “passively” at any ad they see. This only means one thing – the person using Google Content Network is surfing the internet using a totally different purpose and has different intensions if he or she sees any ad.

Another thing, the definition of keywords that online marketers hold while making articles for Google’s Search Network takes a whole new context when used in Google’s Content Network. In Content Network, the basic principle is to create about 10 to 40 keywords for one content campaign, and these keywords will then be used as a “theme” to identify which particular pages the ads should show on.

This means that the keywords used for a content campaign are broad match, hence skipping the need to insert the keywords “strategically” SEO-style because they will be ignored at the end of the day.

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