How to Make an Effective Banner Advertisement

Driving traffic to your website is the goal of every website owner. But it is important to know the tools and how to use them in order to generate more income. The most effective way of driving targeted traffic to your site is through banner advertising. This can be done either through cost per thousand (CPM), pay per click (PPC) or affiliate service programs.

Cost Per Thousand (CPM)

Cost per thousand (CPM) is often used by advertisers to determine the number of viewers to your ad. Although this can be expensive yet it is easy to bring down your campaign expenses by negotiating for a lower rate CPM or by developing a very compelling ad.

To measure the effectiveness of your ads, make an analysis of your click through rates by listing high targeted sites and using this as your preferred landing sites to your ads. Also, make an analysis of your cost per sale in order to show your actual cost in making a particular sale. Just keep track of your banner ads and see the particular site where your products are selling good.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

It is easy to generate traffic as well as responses with the Pay per click (PPC) advertising method. This is the most economical way of advertising both the products and services especially with the use of the right keyword or keywords.

PPC advertising can easily be set by a daily budget. By tracking your banner ads, you can easily see on what highly targeted sites your products and services are selling good.

Affiliate Service Programs

Affiliate service programs can work on cost per action or basis. These service programs are available to host your banner ads and are made available to affiliates. As such, making money online is easy provided you work within a niche.

Regardless of the tools used there are still other factors to be considered to make a very successful and a highly effective banner advertisement. These factors include the design, specifications and the color.

To make your banner ad looks professional, it is necessary that your ad projects an image of an authority in a certain niche. In other words, a good design is important. In the internet you can research on what a professional ad looks like and see how they are doing.

To attract more visitors or clicks, consider the specifications of your banner ads. The performance of the ads will depend on the size, the color and the shape. Loud and flashy ads are not attractive to the visitors since these are painful to look at unless they are keeping at certain level with class and taste.

It is equally important to consider the content. It is necessary that enough information is given in the ads to arouse the viewer’s curiosity and for them to click your ads. Information must be valuable and offer the viewers on something that is useful.

These factors coupled with the other tools considered can make your banner ads more attractive to the viewers and make them more effective.

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