How to Improve Your Google Adwords and AdSense Results

AdSense and AdWords were designed to maximize your online presence and guide you on how to place your ads for maximum exposure and sales results. With a site that has great content and a great web design (not too much though), AdSense can provide you with great and amazing ways to boost your income online.

For targeted ads, AdSense is the answer because they fit snugly into your site’s content increasing the possibility of matching the interests of your visitors. The result? A better and higher click through ratio (CTR) in comparison with the regular banner ads.

The three main facets that affect the performance of your ads are: CPC, targeting, click through ratio and unique visitors and page impressions and you will surely boost your earnings if you enhance any of the factors mentioned. Statistics dictate that the more visitors you have the more ad clicks you will get and eventually since more people visit your site and see your ads, you get more ad impressions which can lead to bigger earnings.

Driving more web site traffic to your pages can be achieved through search engine optimization strategies and by making sure that you have high quality content and that you offer something more to your readers. Add to this a site with a great design, not too fancy, not too bare, and you have everything already going for you.

However, huge web site traffic may increase your ad impressions but it does not necessarily mean that you also have a higher CTR. The click through rate can still plateau or may come even lower than before so you also have to touch base with your click through rate.

Click through rate can be increased by manipulating the ads itself, maybe changing the colors from one that stands out to one that blends in or vice versa. Both styles may have their own pros and cons and it is for you to find out which style will work by experimentation.

Placement of the ads is also of utmost importance especially if you feel that your ad is situated in a place almost hidden from the viewers. You may consult the Google heat map to determine hot ad locations using an example layout.

The heat map is just a tip but it is based on many researches involving diverse websites though it is not a guarantee that if you follow the suggestion of the heat map, money will soon flow like the wines of Capistrano on your table. Everything is all up to you and these tools are just made available to guide you.

Make sure that you place your ads where the readers are supposed to plant their eyes on. To make sure of this, try experimenting by putting it on a specific side and altering the position next week and compare the results.

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