How to Block Out Unprofitable Sites through Google’s Content Network

Google has made sure it has got covered all the facets of online advertising so for the Content Network it has AdSense and AdWords for the search network. Because of the stiff competition on popular keywords that correspond to a specific industry on the web (for example the keyword “kitchen equipment”) advertisers need to bid on keywords that have a direct correlation with the service or product to be sold.

And because the players in the online advertising world has grown by leaps and bounds, unique keywords have become hard to come by so the most common ones have grown to be a bit costly, an event that is not making advertisers too happy but is filling the coffers of the publishers. And so to maximize your ads’ presence and make the most out of what you will be paying, Google has determined an effective way of what fitting ad needs to be displayed based upon information it has gathered from the web.

A fact there that is indisputable and very essential in any marketing campaign is ensuring that the content of your article needs to be so interesting and well-written but at the same time you also have to make certain that Google without a doubt is aware of what your content is all about. And this dilemma is the cause of much possible confusion in the use of words.

Since Google uses the first sixty characters of your title so if you are selling beds and your title states: The Sleep of Your Dreams do not direct Google in the right direction so that it can tag you correctly for search purposes and that is the reason why you sometimes bump into unprofitable sites on Google even if you are using the correct keywords. And that is for the title only.

For the content or body of your article, you have to guarantee to yourself that your keyword phrase is situated on the first one hundred sixty characters of the description. This helps Google identify your article properly and tags you in the appropriate category.

So you have to keep in mind that content and keyword work hand in hand in the whole scheme of things in online advertising and the rest are tools to expose your ad more. For page content, the article body should have your main keyword at the onset and again on the last sentence. But make sure that you do not reuse the main keyword excessively and when you mention the keyword, it should be done in a natural flow kind of way maintaining a normal dialogue style.

Lately, AdSense has been beefed up with an amazing feature that lets you add and block web sites depending how you see them. This allows you to block unprofitable sites in your network.

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