How to Bid Keyword Themes in the Google Content Network

Qualifying your target audience and exposing your ads based on keyword targets to such quality of customers is what the Google Content Network does. To maximize your placement and eventually earning potential, you can bid keyword themes in the Google Content Network.

First off, you need a themed ad group for each of the products or service that you want to advertise. But before you advertise, make sure that your ad is as compelling and as well-written as possible since you will be dealing with people who are not really on the lookout for whatever you are selling but are just interested in something that connects them to you.

The multiple ad groups are the composition of all your keyword-targeted ad campaigns and this is done to ascertain a specific theme with which to place your ad where it would really create an impact so make sure that all your ad groups are working for a consistent theme and in order to effectively do it, focus on one specific product or service at a time. So for example you are selling cleaning equipments and paraphernalia, instead of coming up with a general “Cleaning Tools” advertising group, you can arrange different ad groups centered on each of your products and a fine grouping example would be: Kitchen Cleaning Tools, Floor Cleaning Tools, and Bathroom Cleaning Tools.

Content Network keyword bids are some of the quickest ways to attain your return of investment goals. With this feature, you can pre-arrange a maximum CPC for all the clicks that occurs.

Keyword theme bids will help you measure your earnings especially if you discover that you pay diverse amounts for the different conversions as against those on the search network. Using your conversion costs and matching your keyword theme bids based on those data can greatly assist you in maximizing your return of investment potentials.

Aside from choosing the proper keywords to make more people locate your website and create massive traffic, you can also do the reverse and use negative keywords to put a stop to your advertisements appearing on web sites that have unrelated topics. With the right negative keywords, you minimize the chances of your ads getting the wrong untargeted clicks which decrease your ROI.

There are so many tools that help you refine your advertising campaigns but these tools serve as guides and supplements to our advertising efforts but in no way are they guarantees that you will earn huge amounts of money. Everything still boils down to your perseverance, alertness, and complete understanding of how the online marketing game works and how to make the most of the tools that you got to achieve your aim of making it big in this selling arena.

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