How Is Search Engine Marketing Faring in 2010?

While some business have not yet fully recovered due to the economic crunch that occurred since the beginning of the second half of the decade, it is easy to see that search engine marketing has managed to whither drought. This is primarily because the internet happens to be the most cost-efficient means of promoting and directly selling products and services.

What makes the news even better is that, even if it costs less in terms of promotional or advertisement budget, search engine marketing has been able to reap greater profits for the businesses of all sizes. Because of this, even the major players and bigger companies have devoted people and funds for their own search engine marketing efforts.

The lingering question now is whether search engine marketing has fared well this year, especially because more and more companies seemed to have boosted their efforts in this particular arena. Some people believed that as more and more companies and individual entrepreneurs do such type of marketing, rate of profits would fall but the opposite is actually happening in 2010.

This year, observers of search engine marketing have reported a trend that would surely encourage others to consider putting up their own search engine marketing campaign. In the State of Search Engine Marketing Report by SEMPO, the industry in North America alone will increase by 14 percent in 2010, which will be about $2.6 billion dollars more than the accumulated income in 2009.

The report is based on the surveys conducted by SEMPO and one of the most interesting finds is the fact that Google itself is in the lead. This conclusion was reached when the researchers found out that a huge majority of the survey respondents have admitted that they advertise in Google while a fewer number promote their products through Yahoo! Search and Bing.

Google’s domination was established despite the fact that the search engine’s keyword rates have grown expensive since last year. Apparently, this is a proof that many online marketers still consider Google as the better and more utilized search engine by internet users all over the world.

Recently, so much hype has been give to social media marketing, especially in Facebook because of its membership that has reached billions worldwide. However, the study from SEMPO reveals that, despite the limelight that social media is getting these days, businesses still allocate higher budgets for search engine optimization and paid search.

It is, however, expected that social media marketing will be getting bigger budgets in the not so distant future. This is particularly because social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are now trying to make their own efforts at encouraging marketers to advertise and sell using their web facilities.

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