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Google Content Network is the newest and the freshest SEO tool from Google and has been arousing a wild amount of curiosity among online marketers. To date, the Google Content Network is currently one of the most powerful ways to drive massive traffic to your website without much hassle.

In Google Content Network, clicks are relatively affordable and if you use some effective campaigns, chances are you will click rates as low as $0.02 cents per click. The Google Content Network is part of the new advertising platform of Google, which is geared to help the hundreds of thousands of websites in the World Wide Web today.

The great thing about the Google Content Network is that, aside from being a completely unique system, it can accommodate to different kinds of industries and niches which makes it easy for advertisers to put their ads to target their particular audience that is also looking for a specific niche and reference. Because Google Content Network pairs a related advertisement to a certain niche, it is one very creative way for any online business to create high quality targeted traffic, hence profits.

The difference between the search network and the content network is this – in Google’s search network, which is what we commonly use today, users are shown different advertisements based on the keywords that a user types in the search box that are related to the advertisement campaign of the advertiser. But in Google Content Network, advertisements are show to users as they key in specific fields of interest and only see websites that are related to the advertiser’s keywords.

For any business owner, website owner, or online marketer planning to focus on setting up an online marketing campaign, it is very important that you do your homework before setting up your campaigns – run your Search and Content campaigns individually and separately. Remember that these two are different advertising systems and confusing the two will also confuse the two types of traffic possible to have.

By keeping your advertising campaigns in Search and Content networks separate and unique, you will be able to organize which is more important and more effective for achieving a successful Google advertising campaign. Aside from that, you will also be able to concentrate on different sets of prospect clients.

However, although the two are entirely different, most online marketing experts and SEO consultants suggest that you run and test your advertising campaigns with both forms of advertising. Be creative and explore different formats so that you will know which one converts better for you and your business.

Just make sure that you keep track of everything though. You need to have a reliable tracking system in place so that you know where your traffic is coming from and what ads are actually converting.

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