Google Analytics and Google Adwords

The most popular search engine site of all, Google, is utilized more than two hundred million times a day and because of this Google designed a tool called Google AdWords that lets people make and design their own ads, helps them choose what keywords to use in order to place high on the ranking, and make them pay only when a result or a click on their ad occurs. Google AdWords to put it simply is a feature that lets you buy cost-per-click ads whatever your budget capability is.

With AdWords, you have the search page results and the many partner sites of Google at your disposal and they include Blogger, HowStuffWorks, EarthLink, AOL, and many others. Your ads ultimately hit a vast population when you use this specific tool, and keep in mind the more than two hundred million hits a day.

With Google AdWords, you get to budget your daily expenditures since you opt for the keyword with which you want your ad to appear and then you indicate the maximum amount you are willing to pay per click and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. An additional AdWords tool, the AdWords Discounter, automatically lessens your CPC to the lowest possible cost so that you can preserve your ad’s position on the results page.

Your ads immediately begin running once you have paid the five dollar activation fee and after you submit your billing information. The great thing about AdWords is that it has its internal tracking program so that you can instantly observe your progress and make the necessary changes if the need arises. And this is where Google Analytics come in.

To make both work, you have to make sure that the Google email that you are using is the same for both your AdWords account and that of your Analytics and that the AdWords login email address can access the Analytics account by giving it Admin access. After you have finished the whole sign up and linking process, you may choose auto-tagging and once that is done, the Analytics tool will begin tagging you’re AdWords links.

You can now employ any changes that you deem necessary since tracking of your AdWords ads and determining the behavior of the visitors coming in is reported to you via the Analytics. You can now easily gauge your return of investment and adjust whatever needs to be moved in your ads.

The reason why Analytics is best partnered with AdWords is because their partnership is regularly checked and tweaked for possible loopholes and that is the reason why they integrate quickly and easily since both tools come from the same company, go figure. The cost of AdWords can directly be inserted into the Google Analytics and this information can easily be pulled out by just using a keyword.

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