Google Adwords versus Yahoo Search Marketing

Some online business people run Google Adwords advertising simultaneously with Yahoo Search. Running the same campaign on both can give you comparisons on which gives better conversions.

There are some factors however, that affect the individual campaign, like there could be less advertiser competition with doing Yahoo Search Marketing, and Google’s broad matching of keywords also could show the ads in less relevant sites which can affect click through rates.

With Google Adwords, the title is limited to 25 characters and the two description lines should only have 35 characters each. With Yahoo Search Marketing the title can have 40 characters and the description lines are limited to 70 characters.

With Adwords, your bid on a keyword will never exceed the maximum bid price set, and the actual cost per click will be lower than the maximum bid in most cases, while it can also set a daily limit on expenses. Yahoo Search Marketing treats your bids on keywords similarly, although they will charge a sign up fee.

Google and Yahoo both give more emphasis on click through rates for giving of quality scores of your campaign. The higher click through or the many number of clicks in relation to how many times the ad show up can give advantages to the campaign.

Google meanwhile can hold a better advantage because its search engine and search ad market has a bigger share of around 70 percent and this can give better distribution advantage. Its reach in the search market, can give your ad more edge than yahoo.

Although Yahoo Search Marketing only delivers around 20 percent distribution reach, it can cost you lesser per click. This can be an advantage, depending on how you view it.

Google and Yahoo will both show your ads in their content networks, although it can deliver lower conversion rates than search advertisements. The difference is only of the relevancy of the networks.

The content network of Google can be more relevant and matches the ads more carefully to the contents on the pages. Yahoo’s content network can sometimes show lesser relevancy with ads shown often in unrelated contents.

The content network despite its relevancy, it can give more expense on your advertising budget because of lower conversion rates. Whether done on either network, it can give more budget constraints.

The content network, therefore, should be taken less seriously compared with search marketing, especially if you are new to paid advertising. Your focus on search campaign can give you better returns.

If you’re new to paid advertising, you can save more money by way of having better conversion rates, if you’ll first stick it out with search. It is up to you to decide whether to us Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing.

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