Google AdWords: On Performing SEO Campaigns

One may find it really challenging to look for effective keywords to be used for a certain SEO campaigns. It is even more challenging to find the ones that actually make a profit. The tough part is when you actually reach the top or become #1 but in the end, the keyword will not earn you profits because you still are not able to get buyers.

This is the part where Google AdWords will play a role for you, your SEO campaign, and your business. Generally, the use of Google AdWords in websites will help in optimization and determining the appropriate keywords that will work for you. Keywords that make the most conversations are essential. It can be through sales made from an e-commerce website, subscriptions or sign-ups made, and B2B website leads.

What you can do for optimization is attempt to run an AdWords Campaign using just some search terms, which may be broad but relevant even for just a short duration of time like for a week or at most, just a few months. When you use these broad keywords, chances are that Google will eventually find keywords that may be related to them and may even be successful in conversions. Note that these broad keywords come with no speech marks or parenthesis.

Also you should consider the expense that will be made during your keyword discovery stage. In order for you not to lose money, it is advisable to add negative keywords as well. For AdWords, the use of a tracking code on a website’s thank you page is also important to be set up.

Another thing you can do with Google is to run a search query report after experimenting with keywords. This will give you a clearer picture on what keywords are working and what are not. Try checking out all the Search Terms throughout the entire duration. When you have done this, you will be able to study the keywords that Google was searching for together with clicks, impressions, and conversion rates.

It is recommended that you choose those keywords which are usually 2 or 3 word phrases because these are the ones that are easy to optimize compared to just 1-word key-phrases.

Having done so, you will now be able to filter out the top converting keywords which you can profit from and then make full use of it to maximize your SEO campaign. It may not be a menial task and there can be so many things to take into consideration during the entire process, but you should remember that a successful SEO campaign is in fact the end result of effective keyword research.

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