Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Its Latest Updates

Online marketers have come to love Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool so it came as a surprise to many advertising and marketing professionals of the World Wide Web when Google introduced the latest version of the same Google feature.

It was such a shock not because they didn’t want something new but because they thought it already was not only the most efficient but could probably be the best when it comes to online tools capable of generating the trendiest and most popular keywords.

Because it took a lot of people by surprise, a lot became unprepared. There were others who became irritated with the idea of having to learn again how to use new keyword tool.

But as simple citizens of the web – this already includes professional online marketers and some advertisers – nothing could be done. The fact is the new version is already there and it’s about time that users of the said feature moved on that they might be able to start learning how to navigate the latest update to Google’s wide array of online offerings – and learn it fast before the competition gets to master it first.

Good thing there isn’t anything major operationally that changed with the latest version of Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool. The same goes with the look of the tool except maybe the fact that Google has permanently removed the “Previous Interface” link.

Users will just have to live with this fact but the good news is that the new version has five more advantages that the old one could never deliver. These are capabilities of the latest version that users should look forward to and welcome with open arms.

First off is the improvement that Google made on the match-type targeting capabilities of the tool, one advantage worth keeping. Believe it or not the updated version is now more intuitive.

Secondly, the latest update is designed to become more efficient in data-filtering. This means that when a user attempts to build a list of useful keywords, time is well-spent because there is no longer a 200-keyword limit or a long list of useless data on keywords.

Thirdly, the user is now able to accurately monitor traffic coming from mobile devices. This used to be difficult to do with the old keyword tool because it is prejudiced to traffic coming from actual laptops or desktops.

Fourthly, the new version allows users to make an estimate of search query volume in any continent in the world.

Then last but not the least, the latest version is capable of filtering useless data coming from Google’s search network partners.

These are the five features that have been added into the old Google Adwords Keyword Tool that it might become updated. It’s now up to users to find out if these new features are good for their online businesses.

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