Google Adwords: Google PPC versus Yahoo PPC

This time is actually the time for online marketing and search marketing platforms of varying forms that actually offer great benefits and advantages however different or similar they may be in some ways. Even if they have a very long history already, not all marketers actually understand the major differences especially between Google and Yahoo.

Most people simply deem Google to be leaning on having a minimalist interface while Yahoo on the other hand is one that offers built-in sports and weather news alongside its searches. Users and marketers ought to realize that there are still other differences like in its aesthetic aspect where an internet marketing specialist may note the difference in advertising audience, click-through rates, end-user conversion rates and even ease in its operation.

With Google, most people see that its Pay Per Click (PPC) service is actually with a magnificent and ready-made venue for advertisement display – Google’s very own and very popular search engine. If you are an advertiser, you may discover that with Google you can have the option of displaying ads on thousands of its affiliate sites.

Google’s said affiliate sites are actually linked through its AdSense program. One ought to know that this is at the same time matched with the ad content algorithmically.

With Google AdWords, one can also be assured of several features that are helpful for advertisers which may include quick campaign setup, advanced keyword matching options and geotargeting. It even comes with the ability to rotate multiple ads for the same group of keywords which may prove advantageous for advertisers.

Now with Yahoo, it may still offer great resource for search marketers, small businesses and internet marketing specialists even if the fact remains to be seen in the statistics proving that it actually lost its market share and audience size to Google. Yahoo of course still offers highly regarded market share and a hefty enough of different user demographics, search terms and advertising options.

It may be said that it is easy for advertising credits to come by and for small business advertisers to smoothly cash in their credits for pay-per-click or PPC advertising space on Yahoo’s partner websites. Yahoo actually comes out ahead of Google in the customer service department with a very supportive phone team and range of knowledgeable employees.

If you would consider the fact that Yahoo is with a supportive environment, a large variety of partner websites to advertise on and even readily available search marketing vouchers, it would surely be your better choice. This thought does not only come into the consideration of internet marketing specialists but also for newbie online advertisers.

Just as there are a hundred PPC search engine marketing networks you should be keen to weigh which is excellent and which is not. This would help you make a better decision so compare wisely!

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