Google Adwords Content Network – Why You Need To Use This Source First When You Are Starting Out

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they are trying to get more visitors to their site is the fact that they avoid using the Google Content Network when they are starting out because they think they should use other traffic sources before using this one. In this article I want to show you exactly why you need to be using this traffic source first when you go into a new market.

Reason #1 – You can get really good conversion rates on your ads if you know what you are doing.

The bottom line is that from my personal experience I make more money from the traffic on the Content Network then I do on the Search Network. You have to realize that in a lot of cases the traffic is more qualified and you can get more visitors to your site.

So make sure you realize that even though it seems more difficult to use, it actually is easier and can make you more money then the other networks in your market.

Reason #2 – You can get data on your market faster.

Because of all the technology that Google gives you, you can get more data on your market if you use this source. You can test your ads to figure out which ones are working best & you can get a lot of conversion data as well.

So make sure you realize that because of those two combinations, you can really make a lot of money when you start out in a new niche market if you know what you are doing with this network.

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