Google AdWords Basic Tracking

Thanks to the brilliance of Google AdWords, any amateur online marketer or company owner can choose the keywords for their ads properly and effectively with actual implementation and presentation at the same time. Because of Google AdWords, every online advertiser or marketer can make sure that they have the right tools that will help them with will all their online advertising endeavors.

Most advertisers often believe that an effective ad campaign is one that has been successfully posted. However, placing an online advertisement at a certain website does not determine the success of the entire campaign.

In fact, the only way to make sure that a certain advertising campaign is successful is composed of a number of steps – choosing the right keyword or set of keywords first, then making a very compelling ad out of those keywords, then making the actual execution of the ad, which then leads to another set of tasks known to be tracking conversions and assessing the results. That final step of tracking and evaluating results is what determines what part of your ad is working and which part does not.

Google provides two very reliable conversion tracking tools, both with equal importance and use. However, if you are just starting out and is still learning how the entire online advertising world works, it is better if you try out the landing page hits and the amount of sales produced from a certain link that you used right within your ad.

In order to start tracking conversions using Google AdWords, you first need to use JavaScript to embed the conversion link. If you have no idea how to do this exactly, the simplest way is to use the JavaScript codes especially if you are working with a virtual shopping cart scheme or with the confirmation as a part of a checkout process system.

You have to remember that the only requirement that you have to fulfill in order to run the conversion tracker on your website is this – running a legit AdWords advertisement on the site as well as the code snippet that is placed solely on the conversion page. If you violate or lack either of these two essential components, your efforts to generate accurate statistics will be rendered useless.

Say for example you are using PayPal as your payment instrument instead of using the shopping cart type system of selling, things will be a little less complicated – all you need to do is to prepare the conversion confirmation webpage inside PayPal and then insert the Google AdWords JavaScript code directly into the web page in order to go on tracking conversions. By doing this, you now have a record of a customer’s conversion and visit the moment he or she is done with the shopping cart or has already finished the PayPal buying procedure.

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