Getting Website Traffic Without Too Much Effort

To have a successful website, you need a key ingredient – website traffic and lots of it. However, many people even if they work hard on creating a professional website, they still do not obtain that targeted number of visitors to generate the profit they want.

Let’s enumerate the common methods that people employ when they want to direct traffic to their websites.

  1. Link exchanging – This is the cheapest method, however, said to actually turn people off from visiting a website. The more links that you put up on your site, the more that a webpage looks unprofessional. Hence, the impression and people tend to stay away from it. Aside from that implication, asking webmasters to exchange links with you can be quite a condescending task.
  2. Free ezine ads – Another cheap method but takes a little bit more work to get noticed among the thousands of ads that already exist and are added everyday.
  3. Search engine submissions – This, by far, is the method that is most effective even though it may require you time and work. To be able to get a high rank in major search engines could cost you both time and money. Also maintaining that high position is another thing to consider.
  4. Buying one-way links – Another effective method to boost your link popularity and rank you high up in search engines. The downside is that it can really be expensive. For instance, a PR5 one-way link is priced at US$30 per month.

So how does one generate a much-needed traffic? Try buying traffic! Yes, it is a solution for just a little amount of money to help you boost profits for your business. The more people visit your website, the more traffic you will get, and the more chances you will have to sell your products and services.

But wait, there is another method recently developed that will help you generate traffic, too! It uses the redirected visitors technology. Using this technique, you can redirect visitors to your website. It’s simple and it works because when people go to your website, you increase your website traffic.

When people use this strategy, they tend to buy those expired and abandoned domain names that still get good traffic. Because these are listed in search engines, a lot of visitors still visit them. When you redirect these expired and abandoned websites to your own webpage, then you get instant traffic to your website as soon as viewers click on the links of these expired and abandoned websites from search engine results.

Most people do not pay attention to re-directions compared to pop-ups that can be annoying and can be avoided with the use of pop-up blockers. So using the method of redirection (which is not a spamming technique), it can get you all the targeted traffic that you want.

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Jason Nyback

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