Getting Domains in Google Content Network

One of the things that most online marketers are doing today is helping clients with domain acquisition to get more conversions. Although not all online marketers and SEO specialists are expert domain investors, they realized that there are some overlooked benefits of PPC marketing and one of which is the conversion date from the different sources a certain network utilizes.

Say for example you wish to run an advertising campaign in Google Content Network – for those who have just heard of the term, Content Network lets you advertise using AdWords on three different networks. These are the Google Search Network (the one that most AdWords advertisers are most familiar with), the Search Partners Network (which includes AOL and other trusted and legit sources) and the last but definitely not the least, the Google Content Network (which is made up of hundreds of thousands of websites and domains running on Google AdSense).

Most web advertisers today either fail to consider buying additional domains to back up their primary one or simply just do not want to go through the hassle of researching the value of the domain. But when you run and ad campaign in the Content Network, this part of the job is already done for you without you even knowing it.

Unless you specify otherwise, the campaign ads that you run on Google Content Network run on all sources by default. This includes a wide variety of websites – from publisher websites, social networks, video portals, and even parked domains.

Focus your attention on that last one. You should realize that Google gives its advertisers the freedom to exclude most of these sources right at the console of Google AdWords.

Let us say for example that you are advertising on Google Content Network and that you already have a conversion tracking system in place (if you do not have one yet, waste no time and get one right away) you can already take advantage of one Google AdWords secret, the Placement Performance Report. The Placement Performance Report gives you an idea how your ads are performing on different sources and at the same time gets as specific as the domain and URL of where your ad was found.

You know what happens after that, however you should always keep in mind one thing – just because a certain ad is working well for your client does not mean that you can leave it running on its own without guidance. When you go to that site, you will see that the domain is for sale.

Buying domains that have the type in traffic and that you know can convert based on conversion date has a long term ROI potential. Research well and see which domains can help you earn a few more bucks.

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