Facebook Paid Advertising: What Is an Impression Worth?

Advertising is advertising no matter what the medium is but the reach and its immediate effect is what makes Facebook impressions totally grand compared to other advertising formats and styles. Let us consider print advertising and its pros and cons.

Magazines, especially the glossy ones, have been in the forefront of targeted advertising for the longest time and by far huge companies still use this media as a way of reaching their intended targeted market. And magazines have been fairly successful in that area.

But in comparison, let us lay out the possibilities on both advertising fronts – a woman’s fashion magazine and Facebook advertising. Let us try to ascertain as to where an advertiser can get better results.

A very popular women’s fad magazine with a circulation of more than a million has a price on paid advertisement placements pegged at a hundred thousand dollars. So if you are advertising something that has a correlation with women and/or things that they are interested in, then you are assured that your ad reaches the right market and the market is remarkably substantial in terms of number.

Now there is a setback on advertising in this manner since the bottom line is you will never know who actually paid extra attention to your ads, much less took at least five seconds to stop and see your ads leaving you quite blind as to how your ads fared and as to how much impact they made or how people felt about your ad. You need this in order to help you ascertain on what adjustments to make in your future ads so you can prevent the same mistakes and/or to continue the effective portions that you did.

The exact opposite is what is true with Facebook impressions because to start with, the impressions are guaranteed by Edge Rank, and the gauge on all the facets of the statistics of your ads (from how many saw the your ads, how many clicked, how long did the potential customers view your ad and all other very helpful data) will be supplied to you, IMMEDIATELY.

Facebook impression works in a method of its own, not only based on the “like” and “dislike” tags but on a deeper level – a kind of filtering that determines who is paying more attention to your profile and not just anyone who tags your account as “like. This again is another first for Facebook because it eliminates the error rate in determining actual statistical data on your advertising progress.

Online displays work but there is no filtering process in the placement of online displays so there is massive wastage on advertising placement there. In comparison, Facebook knows who you are and finds matches using very pertinent details ensuring that the search results are accurate and useful.

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