Facebook Paid Advertising: Creating the Fan Page

You can be sure that the one who may be beside you or the one you are talking to right now is one of the million members of the extremely popular social networking site of today – Facebook. It has truly turned out to be a global hit when it comes to social networking where everyone, most especially website owners and internet marketers, find this a great way to earn money with its paid advertising.

If you are one of those interested to earn good and sure money online then maybe you should consider learning all of the ins and outs of this social networking site where you can even create your own Facebook Fan Page. So, how do you actually do this and make the most out of this great opportunity?

Clearly there are steps to follow when it comes to creating and earning through a Facebook Fan Page where the first one is to (of course) have your very own Facebook account! Creating your Facebook account is very easy where you will get to sign up with Facebook following some very intelligible steps – similar to the ones that you do in other social networking sites.

The moment you are a member of the Facebook community, you will need to sign for CPA Lead which is some kind of a gateway that requires users to answer a survey first before they are allowed to peek into a website’s page and its contents. Having a CPA Lead would eventually require you to come up with what particular subjects that your fan page will actually be exploring.

What you need to consider next is “how to make your fan page a hit” among Facebook members and non-members alike. Well, the solution is to upload a video (any video of your choice and taste) and at the same time to create a website or maybe a blog where the video clip that you want could be embedded on.

After this stage, it is now your turn to create a “gateway” so you will have to get inside your CPA Lead wherein you will be made to create a new widget. This should be no problem as there will appear build-up instructions for you to follow, so don’t fret as the moment that you accomplish this step, you would be able to insert the code provided for you into your webpage.

Now perhaps what you would be thinking about is the promotional aspect and you should know that this part actually begins with you when you log-in to your Facebook account and create the fan page. When you create the fan page, you should never forget to include a link to your website as this is one important aspect in making money.

You ultimately earn from a fan page as when people click on the link in your fan page, they would only be able to view your website with the completion of the survey.

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