Facebook Advertising: Fan Page vs. Groups

When it comes to a cutting edge platform for business promotion, Facebook is perhaps the most effective online marketing arena these days. Facebook currently holds millions of users, which makes it the most ideal place to set up a business.

However, because Facebook is a diverse environment, it can get a little confusing when it comes to the most effective way to promote a business via Facebook. There are two primary options when you choose to promote on Facebook – through a Fan Page or a Group. Although in some cases there is a slight similarity in the two, there are also distinctive differences between them that you should know.

Fan Pages

Fan pages are used to build an online presence for people, prominent figures, groups of people, popular businesses and so on. Fan pages are created in order to increase promotion, strengthen supporters, and overall increase awareness to the customers and potential customers.

There are different ways for a certain person or group to be promoted through a Facebook Fan page. If you planning to create a Fan page for yourself or for the organization that you represent, here are some ways that you might to check out.

  • The number of “Likes” – when a person clicks the Like button in a fan page, the update is posted on the person’s wall and then displayed in the Home Page feed for all his or her contacts to see. The other Facebook contacts of that person then click on the page being liked, thus growing the number of followers of the certain page.
  • External promotion – you can also promote a Fan page even for users outside of Facebook. A user can follow a link somewhere, like a website for example, and look you up on Facebook as he/she pleases.
  • Public access – Facebook fan pages are not private pages, so anyone can access all the information on a certain page even if they did not click the Like button.

Facebook Group

As the name suggests, a Facebook Group is more applicable for solicitation and interaction between the members of a certain group, who are all on Facebook. A Facebook Group is run by “administrators”, a person or group of persons who have complete control of the group’s activities and posts.

There are some benefits in creating a Facebook Group to promote your business – you can send emails to all group members, which is especially handy when you are offering free training, specials, events, promotional packages and so on.

In using a Facebook Group for promotion however, you have to be careful not to spam the in-boxes of your members. Nobody likes to get spam messages, so make sure that what you send in personal emails is very important.

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