Does Google Care If It’s Mid or Long Tail Keywords You Use for Google Adwords?

Lets try to ascertain what a long tail is first, especially if you are just new to the online marketing world and this term seems to put you in a hazy state. What is long tail? The real meaning and core of this event is that if your website has less than twenty keywords that rake in thousands of visitors, that is termed as a short head. However, the hundreds of keywords and key phrases that only bring a few undetermined number of visits, then that is what the term long tail is all about.

One of the most mistreated views is that websites attain a foothold from long tail and mid tail keywords. And the dilemma that envelopes many is that they would love to place high in the ranks by vying for the most competitive keywords but what hinders them is that have no discernible relevant internal links, they do not have any apparent outstanding content or they do not have enough authority in the search queries.

When you are caught in this scenario, you have to first classify and categorize the kind of consumers that would match your objectives, whether they are long term or short term. After you have done that, using the link wheel, locate your mid-tail and long-tail keyword modifiers and other more modern keyword research procedures.

Make a very appropriate and attractive landing page to effect quick conversion and while performing this task, always keep in mind that the landing page is the entry point to your selling pages and it should do its job of making the reader feel so interested they are willing to turn the page some more. Afterwards, use the analytics tools to determine how you fared and base your adjustments on the reports that will be coming in.

Case in point, if you are selling cars, imagine all the other sellers of cars using the same keyword and if you are not that strategic enough, you may end up on the last pages of the search engines. To get over this stigma, try adding words that people may use as part of their query such as model, color, engine, etc. and use it as a modifier to create a unique search pattern.

In this scenario, long tail keywords can still be utilized to your advantage provided you support it with the appropriate modifiers that can turn that keyword into something more specific and precise enabling the searcher to locate you faster. At the same time, rest assured that the visitors you get are the right targeted customers since they voluntarily wrote the same modifiers that you have put up, meaning what you are selling and what they have been looking for matches.

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