Creative Ways to Promote a Blog through Article Marketing

Perhaps one of the best ways to promote a blog is to write articles for popular online niche directories. Article marketing may be your best shot in making your blog get a highly targeted traffic that you desire, but how exactly can you use article marketing to your advantage?

You need to understand how effective writing and using articles is in any online marketing strategy. Writing a series of articles for other people or other blogs gives you the chance to spread your links (pointing back to your own blog) to other websites. On top of that, writing articles will also help you become well known in your niche adding more credibility to your blog.

A lot of people are apprehensive of using article marketing for promoting their blogs because of the news that article marketing has significantly waned as far as its effectiveness is concerned. Although at some extent this could be true, article marketing can still be a viable marketing tool if you become very creative with your techniques and explore the other ways to make use of the benefits that article marketing provides.

Below are some creative ways to use article marketing to promote your blog. Look at these tips and see which ones will help you best with your online blog marketing endeavors.

  • Generate income from your articles

One of the biggest mistakes that bloggers commit is giving their write ups for free. Why give them away when you can make some money out of them?

Before you decide to give away your articles for free, think about selling your articles first. Whatever topic that your blog features or that you write about, always keep in mind that a lot of magazines are also featuring the same topics in print – magazines that actually pay for your articles.

Find a magazine related to your niche and send a letter to the editor. Find out if they welcome contributors like you.

  • Choose the directories that you submit to, carefully

There are practically hundreds of online directories that you can find online, and almost half of them contain nothing but junk an senseless jargon. So before you submit into a particular online directory, make sure that you find the time to read the articles published in the directory first.

Only submit your articles to quality online directories. The links from blogs that contain useless information can actually harm your marketing efforts.

  • Do not settle with article directories alone

Always be creative. Remember, there are still hundreds of non directory websites that still offer publishing articles.

These websites are very receptive when it comes to writers offering free web content. Your articles are not just limited to article directories, so always think outside the box and look for other places.

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