Building Brand Awareness through Google’s Content Network

After understanding the difference between search network and Content Network and the diverse ways to place and manage your ads with these two paths, the second thing we need to learn is how to build brand awareness through Google’s Content Network. And the Google Content Network can pull up many advertising targeting techniques notwithstanding the fact that you have a massive inventory of text and image ads spread across the many websites on the internet.

In fact, the Content Network boasts of one of the biggest network of websites that is making their humongous list of ad registry available for Google advertisers’ disposal. As of this writing, with a little over six billion ad impressions being served by the Content Network on a daily basis which hits four fifths of the entire world internet users population, ads that use this wonderful tool are assured of hitting their target demographics.

What makes the Content Network very effective is that it has programmed a series of targeting methods that equips its users with the perfect arsenal of technologies that makes it uncomplicated for them to be able to unite with the correct (buying) browsers at the most appropriate moment. And to run a better campaign, the Content Network provides a number of highly effective targeting technologies: geographic targeting, behavioral targeting, placement targeting, and contextual targeting.

Through geographic targeting, advertisers can mark potential buyers using city and custom area, demographic metropolitan area, state, the country, and other geographic landmarks. Boosting website traffic population and amplifying brand awareness is easily achieved using geographic targeting via the IP address data.

If the prospective customers are being traced and targeted using their interests, likes, dislikes, and the data is gathered from the websites they have gone to before, the process is termed as behavioral targeting. While for many brand advertisers, the usual preference would be placement targeting since it lets advertisers put their ads on specific spots in websites of their own choosing.

One of the most effective targeting schemes would be contextual targeting which by design matches the users’ ads with the most appropriate and relevant web page content based on keywords. It means that your ads are strategically placed in spots that have huge connection with what you are trying to sell.

The great thing about the Content Network is that you can opt to choose any one of the targeting technologies or a combination of any of them if you feel that it would help you create a more effective online marketing campaign. Some companies even offer a full service campaign management service including return of investment monitoring and even sales tracking and analysis so that you can make the necessary adjustments if the need arises.

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