Black Hat versus White Hat Search Engine Optimization Techniques

If you are new to the internet advertising world, you may come across two items called whitehat and blackhat SEO which pertains to two opposing views on how to perform search engine optimization. And as the colors signify, the whitehats are the website developers that follow the online guidelines and rules on search engine optimization and so in storybook terms they are perceived as the good guys or the do-gooders.

On the other hand, no story would be complete without those perceived as the villains and in this case they are called the blackhats and they dabble with online tricks like cloaking, backdoors, spamming the web with bogus web pages, and the like, to optimize websites. And this process is considered to be spam unlike search engine optimization which Google does not consider to be spam at all.

For Google, what constitutes a spam is if a process goes beyond the set guidelines and utilizes confusing tactics such as devious redirects, cloaking, hidden texts, and hidden links, or any other shortcuts to make it appear that the site is popular and score huge in ranking.

The truth of the matter is, search engine optimization can be performed with utter honesty because everything it entails all boils down to common sense. Writing sensible and informative articles, using the proper keywords, and strategizing using neat marketing approaches can very well hook the most number of quality traffic without using devious shortcuts.

And much more, the whitehat method allows you to move in the internet world without fear of being caught on every corner and be banned for life. I say that the effort one puts in the blackhat method does not compensate the earnings that one gets from it.

Rest assured, if you are stuffing or spamming your meta tags in the purpose of making it seem that your site is popular will only get you flagged as someone delving in black hat SEO and eventually be banned and that is not a productive result at all. Search engines have identified the processes involving blackhat SEO and it is always on the lookout for telltale signs of its presence.

Black hat SEO is also present in links utilizing the method called link farming where the user exchanges links with the other websites in the hope of fooling the search engines into reading that since your site has a lot of links; it must be popular thereby increasing your page rank. Your links are not connected because of their sites relevance to your topic but just for the sole aim of increasing your rank.

White hat SEO relies on quality inbound links, not just any ordinary link and the attachment is usually based on quality of content and its relevance to each other. Content that is educational and compelling attracts other sites that have equal content quality and the merger of these two links are called quality inbound links.

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