Black Hat Search Engine Optimization Techniques

A high rank in the search engine results is the ultimate objective of most online business owners. This high rank can give website owners the traffic they need in order to give them the returns they desire.

Due to this desire, they employ techniques to get a high rank that is their ultimate goal. Some of these techniques are unethical and are against the search engines rules and regulations.

These unethical techniques are known as black hat SEO techniques and they used to be legitimate until some website owners used them to go overboard. Using these techniques now can bring you more possibilities of being penalized by the search engines.

These black hat SEO techniques can actually give you short term advantages, however, by way of getting a high rank in the result pages for a short period of time. But if the search engines discover your spamming techniques, you may be penalized.

One of the black hat techniques is keyword staffing, where you overuse the keywords in your content pages or repeat the same keywords over and over and sacrificing the sense of relevancy. This technique may work temporarily and your site may get a high rank in the result pages.

Key work staffing can help you increase your search engine ranking very fast which can make it very tempting. When the search engine looks at your website, they may see that the content is relevant to your keywords, but this can only be temporary.

Hidden text is also a form of black hat technique because keywords may be written white while the background is also white making it hard for viewers to read it clearly. Viewers usually don’t want to see overuse of keywords but the search engines can still see these hidden texts.

Creation of fake pages or those called doorway pages is also a black hat technique. The viewer can never see these pages but the search engines can.

Another form of black hat is the so called link forms or websites which contain more links but with no information on its content. Their only intention is to boost page ranking.

Because of the popularity of search engine options, website owners do things to get their site listed and apply techniques to obtain a higher rank in the search engine results. Some of them, however, apply techniques which don’t do by the rules and regulations of the search engines.

The black hat techniques you do may work temporarily and give you a high rank very fast. But the moment that the search engines can detect your activities, you may be permanently banned from the listings.

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