Banner Advertising – Tips to Create The Best Banner Ad

Making money out of banner advertisements is achieved if you know how to make it right. This is what you called the profitable internet marketing business.

Here are some tips to create the best banner advertisement:

  1. Look for a striking headline. This makes visitor’s stop on your site. Make it short, clear, and convincing.
  2. Look like a pro. You make sure that the grammar and spelling are correct, readable font size and styles, and the design is sophisticated.
  3. Seek a clear objective. You should be very focused about your intended market. You will not waste any money on sites that do not attain your target audience.
  4. Promise benefits not quality. A quality is a service while a benefit is what the customer can receive from the service. Do not promise “A great Hawaiian restaurant” but highlight “An unforgettable Hawaiian dining experience”.
  5. Do your research. Do research blogs that show potential and add networks to ensure that they really captivate your competitive rates.
  6. Launch with a trial campaign. If you’re doing banner advertising for the first time, start a little attempt first so you can figure out the conversion rate and ensure that you will not be paying more than what you will actually be earning.
  7. Honesty is the best policy. Do not promise what you cannot carry out. This can ruin your selling or website’s reputation.
  8. Be simple. Do not use immense words. This might get them confused and lose their interest.
  9. Be clear. Make it understandable for what the visitor will catch by clicking your banner ad.
  10. State the action. Say exactly what your prospective visitors will be expecting to do. A simple “click here” gets more possibilities to be viewed.
  11. Use head turning words. Visitors stop and read when they see the words “Free”, “Big Savings”, or “Two Days Left!”
  12. Ask intriguing queries. Using headers in question forms to get more noticed.
  13. Always keep your ad fresh. Keep it up to date with new trends. Do not leave it unchanged for a long time.
  14. Use animation. Banner ads that use flash catches the eye of the visitors but do not overdo it with pointless movement and blinking colors that can annoy the eyes. Keep it brief or the prospective visitor will opt out from your site.
  15. Get a good position. Visitors click more likely when you position your ad on the top of the page.
  16. Manage your frequency. You should ensure your ads do not become irritating through overexposure.
  17. Keep the size low. This makes for fast loading and immediate viewing.

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