Article Marketing Vs Forum Marketing

Which is more effective, article marketing or forum marketing? This is one of the most popular questions being asked by many online marketers, especially by those who are new in the field.

Although the whole online marketing community has different views on this dilemma, there is an ongoing third option – do not compare the two. Why? Because both article marketing and forum marketing are necessary and are very useful when it comes to promoting your product or service in the online marketing world.

Both methods have their own benefits:

Forum marketing for example is very useful when you want to build back links for your site, and want to do it fast. On top of that, forum marketing is also very effective when it comes to giving your website a highly targeted traffic that it needs.

Article marketing on the other hand, although equally as effective, would need more time and a lot of patience before you can actually reap its benefits. But aside from that, article marketing is really worth your time – just imagine writing articles about your site that work for your business round the clock, as long as the internet lives.

If you ask an article marketing expert, he or she will likely tell you that article promotion is the best way that any online marketer can possibly do. But if you ask a forum marketer, you will also get a similar answer.

But in order to accurately end this quarrel as to which online marketing method is more effective you need to understand first the key differences between the two methods and how to make the most of them. Know what article marketing and forum marketing can do, and then decide as to which method you prefer better.

How Forum Marketing Works

The first step of forum marketing is to find a forum that is highly relevant to your niche and post frequently in that forum. Include a signature in your posts so that if another member of the forum finds your posts interesting, he or she can click through your signature and land on your website. Make sure your posts are of high quality and substance in order to build credibility.

The common problems of joining a forum and using forum marketing are:

  • Signup problems
  • Seniority issues
  • Difficulty in adding signatures
  • Requires some coding knowledge

Article Marketing

Article marketing is easier to maintain – all you have to do is sign up in article directories, write quality articles, and submit them to these directories. However, you need to make sure that the articles you submit are all original and not lifted from other sites.

Problems with article marketing include:

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