Article Marketing and the Benefits of Syndication

Article marketing is said to be one of the most effective if not the most efficient among the online marketing techniques in existence today. Modern Internet marketers might have tagged this strategy to be old-fashioned but believe it or not it actually works.

It delivers what website owners want, that is, increased traffic to their websites. It could also turn a website’s page ranking from poor to satisfactory just after a few days of article marketing so much so that websites that have consistently been at the bottom of search engine results pages are now enjoying first-page lists or are now in the first ten of search results.

It is thus no wonder that a hybrid strategy came into existence after article marketing became a huge success among online entrepreneurs and Internet marketers. This “offspring” of article marketing is called syndication or said to be article marketing syndication.

Syndication is just the act of publishing articles with original contents in websites other than yours or your client websites. It is when you – the article writer or originator – allows other websites to publish your articles so that your website could get more exposure through the links, which are found at the bottom of every write-up.

This marketing strategy has been proven to be more effective than its original predecessor, that is, article marketing in that every time that an article is syndicated – especially ones that are well-written and informative and those that focus on a single topic – the probability of people wanting to look for your articles perceive you to be an authority on a few subject matters that they want to understand or learn about increases. This in turn should not only increase the traffic to your website where all the other original articles (those that have not been syndicated) could be found but also your website’s revenues.

This is one benefit of article syndication. The other benefit of this online marketing strategy is how the writer becomes identical with the topics, products, and services that he/she is writing about increasing as a result the writer’s authority level of the subjects being written and the possibilities of readers doing business with the writer’s website.

One more advantage of syndication is how it is able to raise a website’s ranking in popular and not-so-famous search engines due to the numerous websites that are being linked to one’s website. Remember that search engines favor websites that have more links because this actually translates to one’s website being trustworthy.

These and more make syndication a good and effective marketing technique. Just remember that if you want your articles to be syndicated, the articles should have been written very well.

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