9 Vital Statistics for Tracking Site Traffic

Having an online business puts you in a very gainful position when compared to other types of businesses because with an online business, almost all facets of the incoming business can be measured – where your customers come from, the amount of time they spend viewing your site, the pages on your website most visited and the length of time visitors spend there, what type of keyword is the most used by customers, and a whole set of other benefits that you can put to good use to further improve your online marketing campaign.

And these types of data and analysis are not always provided on the traditional business side.

Then data that you are looking for can easily be accessed because it is recorded on your web log and all you have to do is proceed to the web host and get the information there. But a better option would be to use any of the many cheap and sometimes even free analytic’s programs all available on the internet because they retrieve the data for you plus they give very informative analysis on what to do next.

When you have already set up a traffic analytics tool, all you need to do next is to watch out for the following key statistics. These items may greatly help you in the enhancement of your site traffic generation campaign.

Unique visitors: this is all about the number of individuals going to your site and you can use this to ascertain what steps to take nest. If you have very few visitors, you may want to improve your campaign by going for the pay-per-click scheme.

Page views: this statistics clearly shows how popular a specific web page is. So if you see one, you may consider creating a link to that page to make path right to your website.

Referrers: this information would really be useful because you can identify websites that refer the most number of visitors to your site. You can look for any similar web site and make sure you are linked to them as well.

Search terms: are simply put keywords or the word or set of words regularly used by the customers to search for web sites like yours. An analytics tool will show you what words relating to you are used more often for searching purposes and you can use these keywords to your advantage.

Entry pages: totally different from your home page, the entry page is the landing page, the very first page the visitor lands on when he clicks the link to your site. Make the most out of this page because it will be the entry point to your domain.

Exit pages: what items on this page may turn your customer off? That item you would surely want to know.

Bounce rate: how many customers leave your web page in less than ten seconds? Why?

Visits by hour: Trending on visiting hours is very important. This can help you strategize on your campaign hours.

Visits by country: tells you the bulk of the source of your visitors. You can use this to customize your site.

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