The Google Adwords Content Network - Why You Can Get Cheaper Clicks On This Network Verses The Search Network

One of the greatest things about using the Content Network is the fact that you can get cheaper clicks from this network… I have found that in most niche markets that I can actually get my traffic for as much as 50% cheaper then the same traffic on the Search Network…

 Here Is Why You Can Get Cheaper Traffic On The Content Network…

Reason #1 – Less people are using it in most markets.

You have to realize that in a lot of cases less people are using this network because they are worried that they will get screwed over on traffic and get bad qualities to their site.

I have found that this is one of the best sources of traffic on the Internet for most niche markets.

So just because other people say it does not work, does not mean that is true! Figure it out for yourself and you will be surprised how well it does work.

Reason #2 – The quality score is not as harsh…

When it comes to getting traffic to your site using the Content Network you have to realize that the quality score is really easy to get around compared to the Search Network.

Because of this you can get your ads shown in more places and you don’t have to worry about all the quality score issues that you normally would on the search network.

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