Internet Marketing - Secrets To Getting Google Adwords To Approve Your Landing Page So You Can Build A Massive Email List

One of the biggest problems people have with getting more leads for their online business from Google Adwords is the fact that they can’t get Google to approve their landing page.

If you can’t get them to approve your landing page, that means you are not going to get any traffic from them and you will end up going broke…

Here Is How You Can Get Past The Landing Page Quality Scores That Google Has…

Make sure you are not using just a canned landing page that everyone else in your market is using.

This is a big mistake – people will often use a canned landing page to try and get visitors to their site and Google will figure this out.

If you are an affiliate marketer you have to make sure you don’t use the publishers landing page as other marketers will be doing the same and then you will end up getting your keywords slapped. 

What you want to make sure you do is create a landing page that is different then everyone else’s and make sure you are being laser focused on how you target each keyword.

That way you can make sure when someone types in a certain keyword the landing page matches what they are looking for and is not just some generic page that you have created for the whole market.

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