Internet Business - Why You Should Never Sell Ebooks In Your Niche Market If You Want To Make Six Figures Or More A Year Online

The biggest mistake people make online when they are trying to get their internet businesses going is that they sell ebooks and cheap products to their market….

Here Is Why You Want To Avoid Doing This…

Reason #1 – You can’t sell enough cheap products to actually make a lot of money..

You have to realize that for every one person who is making six figures a year selling cheap $20 ebooks online and doing well – there are thousands who are going broke.

The reason is that if you want to make $100,000 a year you are going to have to sell 5,000 copies of your product to make that much money…

That is a lot of sales online. If you have never made more then a few sales a month, you have to realize that you need to make almost 14 sales a day!

Reason #2 – Selling high priced products makes you more money & is less work…

You have to realize that when you sell a product in your market for $1,000 a unit, you only have to make 100 sales a year to hit your goal of $100,000.

That means you need a sale once every 3 or so days! That is a lot better then trying to get 14 sales a day.

Not only that – you have to realize that in most markets people will pay higher prices for the products. You just don’t think they will because you would not spend that much money….

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